Monday, January 26, 2009


After a very difficult labour, you were born. My limbs just shook...
When we had both been taken care of - wrapped in warm blankets - & given to each other, we gazed into each others eyes.
So different from when Cai was born - she was so sleepy, but your dark eyes didn't want to close.
& so we stared at each other... drinking each other in...
Making friends.
At home, daddy would lay you on his chest & exclaim how 'she just melts'...
We nicknamed you 'softie'.
Your difficult journey into our arms had bent your sweet nose & made your eye swell up - but your skin felt like velvet.
Cairo cupped her little hands in front of her & begged, 'hold her!'
From the moment you were born, the two of you were inseparable.
You, the faithful friend - fiercely loyal...
& She, the protective first born who never wanted to leave you behind.
i remember when my belly started to grow when i was pregnant with Peyton. You would climb onto my lap as i played the piano & i felt your little form - like a clinging shirt 'round the little one inside.
What a blessing you have been, Sloanie - my little soft one.
Even these days when i feel your arms encircle my waist every morning... & feel your little grey hat tuck itself under my chin - (when did you get so tall?) - you remind me to keep my arms open...
& my heart soft.


kesmom said...

Awwww! How sweet! You brought tears to my eyes reading that.

jessica jespersen said...

We watched some of our home movies this week. We have some of (3 yr old?) Cairo singing "If you love Jesus" for about 1/2 hour at the karaoke mic.... then Sloanie gets up to the mic. She announces her song in her tiny(18 month?) old voice. You can tell the whole room is ready for a change of tune...but her little eyes look pleadingly at all the women on the couch who have chorused along with Cairo for so long... "if you love Jesus..?..." Yes, she is loyal... yes she is soft... yes, she's made me think about my own tenderness when i've been flurrying around the kitchen with a houseful of relatives and she tucks herself into my arms forcing me to pause for a moment and just love. You have a great one there paige. I love her too.--auntie j


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