Thursday, January 8, 2009

Road To Emmaus

Cai's starting a new bible study called The Stranger on the Road To Emmaus (John. R. Cross).
That story has always kind of bothered me.
i felt jealous of those men who got several hours of *face time* with Jesus... & He explained the bible to them as they walked along that road to Emmaus & they got to ask questions & were given the opportunity to just *be with* Him... Sometimes i wished they would have at least written down what He said.
Let me in too, Jesus...
So, last night i was asking Him about that. & all of a sudden the thought hit me... 'it's not too late'. Jesus is here... i'm here... the road is long... i'm aching for some company... it's a date.
Relationship. 's a beautiful thing...


Shawna said...

So true Paige...lovely

Luke said...

I'd add that those two didn't even realize it was Jesus they were hanging out with... so perhaps that happens to us too: We don't even realize that Christ has taken the time to hang out with us and explain stuff...



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