Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


jessica jespersen said...

I looked at Babylegs the other day and they all looked SOOOOO cheesy compared to the ones you made out of Neil's old socks. Curt's socks are too cheap and ugly. He only buys white sweat socks from costco... I may have to spring for a good pair of men's socks and then destroy them hee hee... I like having a baby at the same time as you and stealing all your baby fashion ideas. ;) --j

jessica jespersen said...

PS. Why is it wordless Wednesday? I like the sound of that. Kind of like the game "King Silent" Mom and Dad used to make us play in the car? hee hee--j

paige said...

i have no idea about the Wordless Wednesday thing... Steph told me. Must be some blogging thing 'cause since then i've noticed it on quite a few blogs ~ 's kinda fun... i've never done one before.

paige said...

p.s. it would be cheaper to buy a nice pair of mens socks & destroy them than to buy babylegs! They're crazy expensive!!


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