Friday, January 2, 2009

9 random links for 2009

To see our nutty New Years, click here.
To see a yummy recipe i tried that nobody else in my family liked, click here.
To hear a song i like right now, click here.
To read a blog i read the other day that has a bajillion crafty ideas, click here.
To discover Sloanie's favourite website, click here.
To hear the 3 part interview with The Shack author that i thought was better than the book, click here here & here. (Does that count as 1 or 3 links??)
To see a good thing i would like to own, click here.
To read the story (different version, but similar...) my sister read to me on the day i almost drowned when we were really really little, click here. ~ It always made me cry...
And, finally, if you're still in the mood to surf after allll that! This guy is the type of self motivated, out of the box thinker i'd love to raise my children to be ~ click here.


jessica jespersen said...

Paige, I've often looked for the childcraft book that i read that story to you from in second hand and antique stores... I've found the root story like the one you posted before but I'd still love to find *our* original book. I think it was 1974 childcraft stories from around he world and Connie Toews' family has it now. The Malawian story is WOW inspiring. I'll definitely show that to the kids. Beautiful character. --j

Shawna said...

Great idea Paige!! Your blog entry is so much better than those questionaire emails that get passed know...those get to know your friend ones. I love the video about the Wind mill man. Facinating!!!!!!!!

juliekintaiwan said...

Thanks for the shout out Paige. Happy New year to you!


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