Thursday, November 17, 2011

exclamation points

neil has been using more exclamation points in his texts as of late. 
i think he's subconsciously trying to lift me - add a little spark, a little expression, a little excitement to his communication. 
"We should have chicken burgers for supper!"
"i took out the garbage!"
"i hope ephraim sleeps tonight!"
& i feel the corner of my mouth curl in a reluctant smile... He's poking me, prodding me to find the happiness amidst my grief. 
i'm gonna find my footing, babe... i am. 
i'm gonna laugh too loud again & interrupt your stories to tell mine.  i'm gonna crush your toes when i stand on them to wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you even when you flinch.  i know you have a hard time communicating your love - especially to me right now in my frailty... but i hear it. 
i do!


deborah said...

I like this post! A lot!
It so brought a smile to my face!

Paige, I ache for you. Grief can be such a sad, lonely place...I know.

Carol said...

Sweet post!

Sara L said...

Super cute that you can read him that well!!

Jen said...

I'm glad you had chicken burgers for supper....especially when it was paired with ceasar salad!

Marcy said...

You made me laugh with this one. I love how you guys are in tune with each other even when you feel you aren't. You can read through his exclaimation points....what a great sense of humor you two must have!! (!!)


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