Monday, November 15, 2010

rounding the bend...

i'm more than half way to 50K, but just rounding the bend in my story lines... i think this will be the tricky part - to tie together the pieces that in real life aren't neat and clean. i want to be fair... and gentle...and truthful...
The more thoughtfully i can put things together now, the less re-writing i'll have to do in December, right?
on another note, i'm tired. i'm forgetful. i'm a little blue.
i feel a little foolish :) always.
i'm tired of that feeling.
Neil says that he was attracted to my confidence when i was 13.
Must be in there somewhere...


Alisdair said...

No wonder you're a little forgetful -- burning the candle at both ends - writing while others sleep and tending to all the regular needs during the day.... Keep on, you can do it...

You've got 16 days to tie things up so you can afford a short break if needs be!

Your challenge for the month is Na-No-Wri-Mo. My challenge for the week is driving to Calgary. and taking the kiddos to Heritage Park on Friday! Beginning to think I was crazy to sign them up!!! I'll just quote "Philippians 4:13" and then turn the key and pray!!! Will be staying with Marlows as I've never been to his place and they've been settled for almost 2 years now!

Saskatchewan Cousin

Pohang Mom said...

Keep on, Paige! I'm so enjoying yor snippets (I check for them daily)! Be encouraged - you're really doing a lovely job.


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