Sunday, November 28, 2010

back, but not really back

My computer has been on the fritz for a few weeks now. i limped through nanowrimo borrowing Neil's or my littles laptop, while the computer shop kept telling us, "one more day, one more day" - for days and weeks in a row...)
Funny how i miss my little oasis of online friendships :)
So, i'm finished my novel - but i won't *really* be back to blogland until i have my own little uninterrupted space to blog to my hearts content.
i hope my computer gets back from the shop soon.
So, j asked if i'm proud of myself.
i am kinda.
i read my whole novel after i finished it - & i was so glad that i felt like it expressed what i wanted so badly for it to express when i started it.
i firmly believe that any changes that we want to see in our country's laws - need to come from hearts that are softened...
i wanted my story to talk about the beauty of life - & the aching delicacy in it's tender beginnings - endings - and all that lies between.
i hope that it's not lame...
*lost my train of thought 'cause i had to stop to clean up a gallon of puke - i am, after all, a mama... ;)*
Anyway - i guess i was thinking that i hope that it is another gentle reminder that points to the Author and Finisher...


Alisdair said...

I am very much reminded this weekend about the "beauty of life" and its "endings" -- got a message on my answer machine last night to call the Maidstone Hospital. When I did, I learned our tenant had passed away (I'd taken him to hospital in Sept. so was listed as next of kin). Unfortunately he had appointed a trustee to deal with his affairs and she is a hard woman who doesn't think he should even have a funeral as he was a British eccentric type of man, sort of a hermit and did scientific formulas that no one could understand. I am hoping the local church (where he sometimes attended when he was still well enough) will come through and help put on a funeral or memorial service for him as he deserves a little dignity/respect. I won't know what will happen till tomorrow when she can contact the funeral home -- butI am praying that the proper thing will be done. So sad. One daughter in Ontario I talked to this morning. Her mother left Tom when she was one year old and they have never set eyes on each other since. She is not planning to come as she is on welfare and has two children to look after. So sad. A few broken bits of furniture, lots of papers and letters and some clothes that are full of holes and ready for the rag bag -- all that's left to show for a life of almost 82 years.

I was washing the floors in his rental (as new tenants are moving in) and had to leave my mop and come home to hug my kids and have a cry with Alisdair. Now I need to go back and finish in the back porch with all the stuff before the football starts.

Another lesson to cherish life... just so glad I DID take him Christmas Dinner last year and try to help him as much as I did, (even though now it still doesn't seem enough)...

Every breath, a gift from God above!

Saskatchewan Cousin

Jen said...

ARG! I'm so mad! I wrote a super long (and good comment) then our computer randomly died and I lost everything I wrote!!!
I'll try to write it all again...but it won't be as good :(

I think why we all want to read your novel so bad is because you have SUCH a tender heart for *life* - especially the wee ones - and you have such a beautiful & soft way of bringing to light the importance of it.
At least for me. I know what I feel but I have a hard time putting my feelings into words. And because you have 'lived' your story (at least from the snippets I have read and what you have said about your novel) you bring your heart and passion out and that is so beautiful in itself.

I really do hope you are proud of it. At least a sense of accomplishment. I'm glad the main ideas and feelings that you wanted for it were kept through it.
I think if you do 'publish' it, it will touch so many lives and draw them to Him.

P.s. I miss you too! I hope you get your computer back soooooon!!!

mamalena said...

Paige...I'm sure you are right....that change will more readily come from softened hearts and changed attitudes than from strident political/legal arguments. (Although, I'm glad there are those working on that front as well. We all have our bean patch...)

Your book is a sweet weapon/ploughshare to till up hardened soil...


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