Tuesday, November 9, 2010

22 222

just a number... tired.
Feels like at times when you get gum on your hands, and the more you try to get it all into a safe little wad, the more that it seems to multiply in great sticky strands, until you've got threads spreading from both your hands, to your favourite sweater, and the tip of your nose...
That's not from the book.
But maybe it will be.


Rachel said...

You are almost half way there AND it's only been 9 days!!! You are doing great! Loving the little bits you are sharing too.

Carol said...

Maybe you should take a little break today (from writing!)
22,222 amazing!

Jen said...

Wootwoot! Almost 1/2 way!
Try not to get any gum in your hair... ;)
Keep it up!!

Alisdair said...

Guess you're trying to say "Writing is sticky business!!"


Saskatchewan Cousin


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