Saturday, November 27, 2010

y'know what i think?

We were at the table doing our morning homeschool, like we do every monday- friday from 8ish-9ish am, when those words tumbled out of my mouth,
"Y'know what i think...?"
As soon as i heard them, i stopped - & i tried to shovel them back where they came from, but it was too late...all those little bright eyes were on me, wondering why i paused so suddenly.
i wasn't going to share some massive historical fact with them...
i was going to give them my counter-culture opinion - on a tender subject...
and when i started to speak, i remembered how much loneliness some counter culture ideas have brought me over the years - and in a sudden reflex, i realized that i didn't want my littles to grow up to be lonely.
"What mom??!! What do you think??"
Carefully, prefaced with my favourite two words, "what if" - i shared with them my opinion, making it clear that this was only my opinion - and explaining that it sure isn't an opinion that many would share with me...

God, if you will give me the courage to speak when i should speak,
will you also be faithful to sift my words for the sake of my little ones?
Loneliness is a worthy sacrifice for what just may be *truth*.


deborah said...

um...I'm rather curious what your counter-cultural thought is...please share! :)

Rochelle said...

Now I'm dying to know your thought as I tend to agree with most of yours. :)


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