Tuesday, November 23, 2010

has neil read it...

People keep asking me that.
Short answer is no. He read the first 3 pages (it's over a hundred now), and he thinks maybe one day he'll read it - when it's finished.
i want to tell you what i see in Neil not reading it, because i think people assume that this hurts my feelings; it doesn't.
i feel like he trusts me.
Obviously, since he read the first pages, he recognized some of himself in the character of Jack - but he didn't get all fiercely obsessed with what words i would write.
i like how he's confident, and he expects me to be too.
He doesn't fall all over himself to make sure that my ego gets stroked, he just encourages me to do the things that i'm passionate about - and wordlessly affirms me when he sees a strength.
Such a strange balance in each unique marriage, isn't it?
It's a fun treasure hunt to see the sweetness hiding in each and every one...

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fawne said...

i don't think that's odd at all that neil hasn't read it. ben hasn't read most of mine either. someday he probably will. if he doesn't, that's fine. he already knows my heart anyway...not like he needs to read my book to find out what's going on inside of me. ha.

paige!!!! i can't believe you're done. whooooohooooo! you did so awesome. it must feel incredible. i am so looking forward to reading it.
and i'm looking forward to seeing you even more. :-)


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