Tuesday, July 17, 2012

peeking 'round

i love how Hannah in the Old Testament describes her prayer life as, "pouring out my soul to the lord." (1 Samuel 1:15)

i love Him.
And i love what He is doing in me. 
i am convinced that He won't allow anything to separate us. 
The other day - while pouring out my soul to the Lord - i found that my soul lacked words... so i found myself telling Him, "i'm listening, i'm willing, i choose you, i say yes..." And then waiting quietly...
And sometimes prayer feels so stuttering and one sided that i'm tempted not to do it at all.  And after a long silence - or after many wooden, perfunctory prayers offered without any soul pouring - i find myself opening one eye, and peeking 'round for my Creator. 
"Are you really there?"
And He is.
"i want you."
And He knows i do.
"i want to be yours."
And He claims me. 
"i don't want anything else - i just want You."
And He loves me. 
"i love this life - and i don't want to waste it - can you show me how to live?"
And He will. 
And i'm finding that He's got my heart - and i trust Him so completely with it - that there's no where else i'd rather be. 

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i really like this.



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