Tuesday, July 10, 2012

i want to

i want to jump in a lake and swim to the bottom where it's the coldest and stay down there until i feel like my lungs will explode. 
i want to learn to knit, and create interesting little woolen works of art for my children to wear. 
i want to go for a hike in a canyon, and then up a mountain... one with a view that takes my breath away. 
i want to jump in the vehicle and drive - with only Neil and a credit card and a map...
i want to sleep outside on the beach and wake up to the sound of the water lapping on the shore. 
i want to eat healthy wholesome foods and feed them to my children - things that i've watched grow out of the earth in my own yard.
i want to go biking when it's raining hard - and let the mud splash up my legs and back. 
i want to have friends that i've had for years - that really know me, love me and remember me when... i want them to come to my house and sprawl on my couch and talk real, challenge me, tell when i'm being an idiot. 
i want them to be married to men who feel the same way about Neil. 
i want their kids to love my kids. 
i want to wear long flowing dresses sometimes - without worrying about being practical.
i want to create an artwork of words.
i want to sing and play with a band that wants to sing and play with me... i want the music to be stuff that moves me...
i want to change the world - but i want to be content changing diapers... and i want to be content if there are no more diapers to change. 
i want to love foolishly, obey fearlessly, follow courageously and even lead when He asks me to. 

post inspired by Cai's bff Alisha at Mercy's Miracle - what do you want? 


lola said...

I love this post.

Torah-Lovin' Mama said...

Wow Paige!! Really liked this!


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