Friday, July 27, 2012

seven quick takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 182)

1.  Sometimes we go to Costco.  Usually it's just the two of us - on a hot date to buy lettuce in bulk.  He never eats samples.  Ever. 
And to me, it's strange 'cause i love eating a piece of granola bar followed by a hunk of meat on a cracker with a pomegranate juice chaser.  One day i noticed him with an odd smirk on his face - watching a free sample table. 
"What's so funny?" i asked.
"Look at them... Everyone is the same.  They skulk around, peering nervously around themselves.  They circle past... then look back trying to be discreet.  They all have a goofy excited look on their face as they furtively grab the sample and run away as if they've stolen something." 
"They do?"
"Yeah.  They do."
So i went to the booth and asked loudly, "Can i have one for my husband over there too?  He's too shy to get his own." 
Just kidding... but i should'a.

2.  i'm panicking about homeschool this week.  Just ignore me.  It will pass.  Every so often, i get organized and i worry about the program i'm planning for each little student and then suddenly like Peter who takes his eyes off Jesus when he's walking on water... i sink.  It's a terrifying prospect for me to think of the education of my children... and i know that each one of them will "own" their own accomplishments and failures - but i can't help but taste a little of each win and loss as i watch them grow. 

3.  In light of my panic, i ran out to Neil's office this week during business hours.  i hovered over his desk, vibrating as he finished his phone call and finally looked up at me - all calm and cool, "What's up?"
"Neil!!  i need this certain type of bookshelf.  i need it right now!  i can't do homeschool without it and YOU HAVE TO BUILD IT FOR ME OR OUR CHILDREN WILL NEVER GRADUATE!!!  THEY WILL LEARN TO HATE US (me) FOR THEIR LACK OF QUALITY EDUCATION AND I CAN'T HANDLE THEIR LOATHING!!!!"
"Uh, yeah... i'm kind of busy right now.  Maybe later."
Choking back sobs, "If we all last that long..."
So, yeah... a little over dramatic over here.  You might want to avoid me for a few weeks till this blows over. 

4.  When people are rude or inconsiderate to my kids - i take it waaaaay harder than if it happens to me.  i want to teach them to have grace for adults who don't know how to treat children - because i can't control every moron in the world, but i can gently encourage my little ones to turn the other cheek.  It's still hard. 

5. This little instagram shot made my morning... it makes me want to keep writing - and to get better at it.  It is such a kindness that so many friends have read and encouraged me to keep going. 

6.  Sometimes i wish Ephraim weren't so consistently a morning person.  The occasional lapse in routine wouldn't hurt my feelings if it meant i could sleep in a bit... but the fact that he's such a happy little duck in the morning makes those early morning hours with just the 2 of us pass a little sweeter. 

7.   i woke up this morning surprised and dismayed that my coffee wasn't made for me. (THAT'S how spoiled i am!!)  Every morning that Neil's home, he makes a pot of coffee that is already simmering by the time i make it down stairs.  July has been a month of having Neil working from home more than away.  It has been a little oasis in the desert of "traveling man-dom". (Yes, i'm just making up words now).  i have been so grateful to have him around more.

Happy Friday :)


Joy said...

"if we last that long!" LOVE IT!!
Glad your travelin man has been able to be home more.

Caitlin said...

"I can't control every moron in the world." Haha! May I quote you on that? ;)

paige said...

Heehee joy! i allow homeschooling to produce just a little too much anxiety :)

& Caitlin - Actually i was quoting my very wise mama who told me, "It's not my job to correct every moron in the world - if it was, it would be a full time job." :) & Yes... i believe you *can* quote her on that.

Elizabeth said...

ROFL #3 is totally me when I find a new "anything" I would love to have for school. Too funny!

paige said...

Elizabeth - i KNOW!! So bad :) i always try to remind myself of swiss family robinson & wonder what the simplest approach is that would work? i haven't found it quite yet though - so i'll be needing those new bookshelves STAT.


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