Monday, July 30, 2012

digging for treasures

i was looking for something in my blog drafts the other day and i realized that i have half-written about a billion blogs that i never bothered to flesh out and publish.  i wrote about Elmer's funeral, a Tough Topic post, some travelling husband thoughts and a mama moment. 

It's like when a good friend comes over. Little ones are running around, and suddenly needing me more than they have for the past month. i'm being peppered with questions and my permission is required and tiny one needs me to wipe his bum -

And i find that my friend and i hardly got to finish a single thread of conversation - instead it was all tiny bits and pieces - baubles and buttons that are hardly coherent in the state we got to pass them in...

But sometimes... later in the day, before they've faded from my memory, i pull them out and examine them.  i piece them together and learn something new.  i remember what i was saying when she tried to tell me that story and it all suddenly makes sense now that i get the context. 
"Ahh," i choke out - overcome as i realize the richness that comes from buttons and baubles that have the capacity to become treasures...

That's what some of these little drafts are like - tiny baubles and buttons - preserved in a raw way.  Incomplete sentences that only half express the idea i was trying to capture.  Every so often, one of them becomes a treasure - but really - it's so incomplete, so hit and miss, so one dimensional. It would hardly be worth it - unless you had some enjoyment even for the colours and shapes of the buttons and baubles that are more frequently produced.
And i do. 

*self portrait series by ephraim - a selection of 3 of the 127 pictures i found on my iphone. 

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fawne said...

I love my conversations with you...even if they are in bits and pieces. It's just "real life" and there's something precious and good about it.


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