Thursday, August 11, 2011

love me anyway

my blues tend to manifest themselves in an unrealistic need for my boy. 
if i'm sad, he can expect to hear from me multiple times in a day... he can find me following him if he's home, like a small shadow, and if he sits on the couch, soon i will find him and slink into his lap.  Our king sized bed is unnecessary when i'm blue - because i sleep best when i'm curled the closest - breathing when he breathes, turning when he turns. 
i text him, "ephraim is my angel..."
He texts me back, "you're mine."
i text him, "do you love me?"
He texts me back, "YES."
i text him, "are you sure?"
He texts me back, "i can live without you."
i melt into a puddle of sorrow - 'till he walks through the door and takes me in his arms... "What's wrong?  Didn't i say i can't live without you?"
i told him he neglected the apostrophe and the t that would have made that idea clear to me. 
He laughed. 
Everything i'm not. 
He checks his blackberry - and sure enough, the apostrophe and the t are missing. 
He makes it his mantra for the rest of the evening.... teasing, poking, prodding... gently cajoling me - to release my tiny prized sorrows - and to see the sweetness in the jester. 
"i can live without you, babe..." His eyes twinkle and he shovels more blueberry pancakes into his mouth. 
& even if you can...
Love me anyway. 


Marcy said...

That is so funny, and sweet. You guys must be so cute together!

Lori-Dawn said...

oh man!! that sounds like a Jamie move!!! LOL

lovefam6 said...

lol. Sweet and funny and loving. You got the whole package Paige ;)


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