Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Part two... the most excellent way

My littles have been bickering and fighting a lot lately.
Finally, i told them "no outside friends today". 
We sat down to read the bible in the morning - and as they groggily turned to Exodus, where we have been reading, i told them to turn instead to 1 Corinthians chapter 13. 
i read it slowly - accentuating each phrase.  i made eye contact with them as i read it through, to see that the words were making their way from ears - to minds and hearts. 
After i finished, i asked Mollen to read the same chapter again.  Then Charter, then Peyton, Sloan and Cai. 
Six times, we read that chapter.  It's that good. Six voices... six souls discerning the voice of the Father. 
i think sometimes i need to remember to focus on not letting them... or myself... get away with little cutting remarks, or easily taking offence.  It's easy to let that stuff slide, but i think it builds up resentment... and i want them to learn to be kind people.  i want them to treat each other lovingly... & this chapter - serves as a roadmap.   
After we finished and put our bibles away, Charter turned to me and said, "Mom, did you do that because we've been fighting too much lately?"
"No, babe... it's not just for you.  i needed it too."
& i did... & i do. 


Lori-Dawn said...

Oh I wish I had a room full of children JUST so I could make them all read that passage so *I* could hear it that many times! hee hee

lovefam6 said...

'Nuff said. Who doesn't need it?

Lesley said...

Indeed lovefam6, indeed.


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