Tuesday, August 30, 2011

text me

i'm getting ready in my room - which is adjacent to Cai's room.  As i bustle about, i sneeze - & like any good sneeze, it's one of triplets. 
Suddenly my phone starts buzzing. 
i've got a text. 
i glance at it, "Someone has the sneezes."
It's from Cai.  She's no more than 20 paces from me... & i think if i listen hard enough, i can hear her laughing gently at me in the next room. 
i'll take it. 
i'll take Ephraim's baby gibberish when he grabs my face and whispers his baby secrets into my ears.  i'll take little hand scrawled notes, phone calls, emails, facebook messages, eye contact, hugs, and yes... even texts. 
i'm all ears, little ones - let's communicate.   

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