Friday, December 19, 2008

Whispers in the Night

"i'm sad."
"i know. That's why we're snuggling."
It's dark, but even his heartbeat feels familiar to me...
The scar on his finger, the tiny mole on his perfect bellybutton, the scratchy hair at the nape of his neck....
i know that if i tickle his back, even if he's asleep, he'll moan...
& that his feet twitch just as he's falling asleep.
We roll over in unison ~ where he was in my arms, now i lie in his...

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Anonymous said...

I just read Steph's most recent blog post and now the bigger, background significance of this sweet post becomes clear. I am so sorry for the pain you and your sisters and your parents are going through... having been there, I can feel it from all sides. Praying that and God will intervene and bring a refreshing breeze of new understanding and love to all so that the family will be kept in tact and a second chance will be realized. There is so much good there and such a foundation, it would be a shame to see it broken apart. Keep in touch and remember the rest of us love you and yours. Saskatchewan Cousin


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