Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Do i quit counting now?

If he takes 66 steps in a row... does that mean my tiny, newborn baby is officially a walker? i can imagine myself 4 years from now, still counting...

He took his first steps over a month ago, so it's been slow, steady progress since then... but i might have to resign myself very soon to the fact that walking is nearly mastered...


p.s. lookit his sweet crooked foot!

p.p.s. Jen... i dreamt of Kellan last night. i am so happy, grateful & excited about this little boy! Congrats & can't wait to see pics... (& i hope i spelled his name right!)


Prvbs31Mama said...

You are such a sweet Mama Paige!!!
Yes, I think Gage is officially a walker...does that mean he's a toddler already?? He's not even 1yr old yet!!! WOW
How's the physio going on his foot??

Mindy said...

Yup, time to stop counting. Congratulations...and my sympathy. ;)

deborah said...

Oh! I don't want him to walk - he might lose his sweet baby pudge!


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