Monday, December 15, 2008

The Luxury of Grandparents

So, we had a full house this weekend... Cai's big Bow Valley concert was on Saturday & Neil's mom & dad happened to be flying home from Palm Springs in time to make a stop over in Calgary & my parents came out too!
We *miss* being close to grandparents ~ someone else to love your kids, to encourage you, to cheer with you, or to be an example for your little ones. We lived close to Neil's mom & dad for about 1 month after Cai was born, & other than that, it's always been a big hike to make these visits possible.
We've lucked out in that our parents are all *incredible* grandparents ~ They all love Jesus & children :)
So, while Neil's mom & dad were here, they unloaded their camera onto our computer so they could show us all their pictures from Palm Springs. i was looking in my picture folder this morning to check out the pics from Cai's concert... & it was full of pics of Neil's brother's family at my inlaws house... Little ones snuggling grandparents, chocolate fondue on cute little faces, or pics Gampie had taken from soccer practice... All those little things you can do when you live minutes from each other...
& my heart gave a jealous little lurch.
Forgive me.


Mindy said...

I'm glad your family had a chance to see the grandparents this weekend! I'm sure it was a wonderful time. It's hard when family is all spread out.

You know, we're in a funny situation here. Jeff's parents are 45 minutes away, which isn't bad (they can come to all the birthday parties, the boys spend the weekend there every couple of months...we see them maybe twice a month). But my parents live a good 8-10 hours away (depending on how many stops we have to make), and I hate it. I worry sometimes that my ILs (who are great) will be the favorites, and that my parents will be the "other" grandma & grandpa.

Sometimes I long for the old days when no one ever moved away, and everyone lived in a community and helped each other...

Prvbs31Mama said...

I think those little jealous lurches are normal! lol
I get them's just weird not living close to grandparents...especially MY mom and
Hugs, the concert was SO FUN by the way! Silas and I enjoyed every minute together! And now Silas keeps pretending to play the fiddle! lol

mamazee said...

i feel like they are almost dead and just come back to life every year or so. i can't even call any of the grandparents - no one is home in one house (and only one person lives there anyway) and the others will just begin to be available by phone now that my mil has moved out there and can hear. i wish it was different. i wish there was some stability. i don't like not knowing their phone number and having to look it up, or feeling like if i phone i'm not allowed to speak to one person. i don't know what would make it better, but i feel kind of gypped, and i want to make it up to my littles, but don't think there is much way to do that - we don't even have any other close family friends who live nearby since we've moved so often. How do you build community for your children when nobody wants to be community with you? Am i really such a horrible person?


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