Saturday, December 6, 2008

Remember Manna

Remember Manna
Remember the great seas part
Remember Manna
He hears the cry of our hearts

From slavery led,
the hungry fed,
He's still the same-
He'll hear again-
Remember manna.

He is worthy, worthy, He is worthy, worthy
He hears our cries
He sees our pain
He has compassion - remember manna.


mamazee said...

you write this, Paige? or someone else? We gotta figure out a way to share music over the net instead of having to WAIT till we are together to hear each other's stuff...
love you

paige said...

yeah, 's me... you like?

jessica jespersen said...

Love these lyrics Paige. Reminds me of the lessons this summer. Can't wait to hear it and sing it with you.-j


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