Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is a nice picture too. Nope, 's not toilet paper... i never used disposable diaper liners with my other littles in cloth, but i bought some on a whim with Gage & i *love* them. We call them "poop catchah's" & that's exactly what they are. i always heard that they get bunched up & don't do much good, but we're not having that experience at all... It makes the whole cloth diaper thing a lot easier & i would highly recommend them.

(stoppin' for coffee break on our hike... we can all use things that make life a little easier :)


kesmom said...

Oh I love those liners!!! It makes CDing so much easier as they get older and get gross poop ;)

Jen said...

awww! that is such I GREAT pic! I love your face...and the fact that you are randomly perched on a rock. You must have done that breastfeeding thing before :)
I bought a roll of the liners too - hope I like them as much as you do! Where did you get you diapers fom?

paige said...

i bought mine from The Cloth Diaper Shop:
& i bought $99 so i'd get free shipping :) Now, i noticed they changed it to $199! o well. They're great diapers & i've used them a TON (i only bought 12 & i do laundry almost every day)... ~ because of the 'poop catchers' i can wash them with my regular loads, so they don't make for a ton of extra laundry... Works great for us.

Christine said...

Sounds awesome! I love the pic!


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