Monday, October 6, 2008

walk to remember

Brennan's & Caleb & Hope's balloons went together ~ Brennan's is on the bottom.

The Walk was beautiful ~
We got there & registered ~ & visited with my sister Stephanie & her crew & my friend Jen & her husband Brian. Every so often, i'd look around & wonder that there were all these people there who missed a little one too... i think there ended up being around 350 people there ~ & they said they had anticipated a quarter of them. The walk was short, but so pretty, with leaves falling all around us ~ as we got back to the place where we started, there was a part of the sidewalk where they had written each one of our baby's names. i found Caleb's right away & looked & looked for Hope's. We found sweet Brennan's name written in white & standing out so clearly 'i was here'... & then found Charis Fehler & Wyatt said to me, 'that's our baby'. i thought to myself ~ that's ok... i know there are a million details going into an event like this & if they missed Hope's name, it's ok... & we went & sat down. A minute later, Stephanie found me & showed me the picture she took of Hope's little name... i have no idea how we missed it ~ but, i'm so glad she found it. They had given us tags for the balloons we were going to release. i wrote their names on tags & tied them together on a balloon ~ some wrote a message on the back ~ i didn't... maybe next year. They called our babies names one by one & we released our balloons. What a beautiful day ~ to see their names ~ that don't normally get written, to hear their names ~ that i don't normally hear... & just by my presence to say, 'i miss my babies'.


Mindy said...

It sounds like an amazing day. Thanks so much for sharing about it. I'm so glad you did see Hope's name, eventually. It's so true, what you said about not seeing their names written often, or hearing them spoken...

Anonymous said...

Wow, just reading about it makes me an emotional wreck. Perhaps it's a good thing I didn't go...maybe in the future when I'm not quite as
After reading yours and Steph's blog about it, made me realize how much I ache inside and how much I'm not 'over' the loss of Gabrielle. Thank goodness there is healing in tears, and just being allowed to miss our babies.
Hugs to you!

Jacqueline said...

Thank you for sharing about this. I have never experienced such a loss but I feel for those that I have and I love this idea as a way of remembering and honoring those little ones.

Jen said...

So glad you found Hope's name. I was thinking I would have burst into tears if I couldn't find Brennan's name. We went and found her name on our way out and took a pic.
I liked what you wrote about Brennan's name on your post.
Thanks for the day too. It was a very special day and I'm glad I could 'experience' it with you and Steph. Good for Brian too to hang out with 'the guys' too.

mamalena said...

It really sounds like that was a wonderful event.

Sombra said...

wow, i've never heard of such a walk. I have 7 heavenly babies, one named Daniel Landis, and the 6 from 2007 are collectively called Eliyeled - "God's Child" in Hebrew


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