Thursday, October 16, 2008

i just checked this blog and that's how many comments there are on her most recent post from October 14. i'll probably never have that many comments in my whole blogging career :) but it's a huge number ~ even for her blog, where she almost always has comments in the hundreds. The response is to her blog post about October 15th being the National Day of Remembrance for pregnancy and infant loss... She invited readers to post and share about their precious losses & there has been this huge response. i started reading some of the responses & found myself incredibly moved. i know that most of the people who read my blog are women who, like me, have lost a baby, & so you know that there's this lonesome silence out there... but it was unbelievable to me to read those comments, & hear the pain of early miscarriage, SIDS, stillbirth, and horribly regretted abortions. i thought of the women in my church congregation ~ where there's still so many that i don't know ~ or only know on a very surface level... likely at least 1 in 3 has experienced this type of loss. i love that there's a National Day of Remembrance in the States... we need one here too.
Also... i know, i didn't post about the election at all. i voted here, knowing that the man i voted for shares my convictions on human life ~ but for those of us that hoped that a Conservative government would mean some protection for the unborn, there is bitter disappointment. i wonder if our economic collapse has anything to do with our complete ethical & moral collapse... i know i've said this before & i keep saying it because we don't talk about it enough & people don't even know that *this* is the reality in Canada: there are no legal restrictions on abortion. Abortion is legal at any stage of pregnancy. There is *no* parental consent required for women (children) 12 years of age and over, and this "medical" procedure is paid for by our tax dollars. Canada has taken an extreme stand on this issue ~ it is one of only a few nations that have gone to this extent to protect a woman's right to end her child's life. There are about 30 abortions performed for every 100 live births in the country right now... & honestly... unless our hearts change, i can't see that number dropping.
My sister has her baby's 3D ultrasound picture as the screensaver on her computer... So sweet. Little peaceful babe...
Before we went to the Walk To Remember, i went on Youtube & looked at the 3D ultrasounds of babies at 16 weeks (how far along Caleb was when he died...) We need to look at these images & grapple with the fact that *these* are the innocent, the helpless, the unwanted, the 'least of these' that are too inconvenient for our politicians to make laws to protect.


brad said...

Who says I'm a woman?

Prvbs31Mama said...

OK, there is only one party that is prolife and they were NOT even on the I'm extremely confused who you voted for!!! LOL

paige said...

Hee hee LD, yes, the conservative party has taken a pretty extreme stand on abortion, leaving things the way they are... but Jason Kenney has repeatedly spoken out against abortion & when i wrote a letter to Stephen Harper about abortion, Jason Kenney had this response:
Dear Paige:

Thank you for the copy of your email you sent the Prime Minister of April 16 regarding abortion laws in Canada. I always appreciate hearing from Canadians.

I share your belief in the inviolable dignity of the human person, and that a just and generous society should welcome and protect human life. I will continue to defend these convictions, as I have done throughout my time in Parliament.

I believe that this is a matter of public justice which should be open to democratic deliberation in a free society, such as Canada.

Thank you again for writing on this important matter.


Jason Kenney, MP

Calgary Southeast

Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister

Jamie said...

I didn't even know there was a special day to remember our babies!!! It just breaks my heart to think of what people do to these precious little babes...


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