Wednesday, April 18, 2007

i couldn't get through reading the paper this morning... i was sobbing & my little, soft 4 year old son came & wrapped his manly little arms around me and said, "Is there too much sadness in the paper this morning, mom?"
yes, there was.
The story that stuck out for me from the Virginia Tech shootings is the one of the prof who held the door shut, while telling his students to jump out the window to escape. It has become so rare to hear stories of one laying down their life for another, that it just grabbed my heart. Why did that one prof ~ a 76 year old Holocaust survivor ~ have the instinct to lay down his life? (i say instinct because who can act on much else when you have moments, maybe seconds, to decide your course of action.
i've always wondered if i would have that instinct. i've always wondered if what i'm made of would shame me in a moment of crisis.

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Melissa said...

How sweet of Charter! He seems like a real honey!

The story is horrid. The sacrifice, amazing. The implications to our own lives, deep. Food for thought.

Yes, your comments did get through - the comment from the other day actually posted on a different post than the one you were referring to! :)

I think we need to get together and me and all 7 children!! Are you up for it anytime? (Hee hee - maybe sometime when Neil is out of town?)


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