Friday, April 6, 2007

~bit of a whirlwind...
My doctor phoned me last night at 5pm & said she was going to try to get me in asap, (didn't want me to wait the weekend ~ honestly, i didn't either, i've been feeling really poorly). She said maybe they could get me in tomorrow morning & i thought we can make that work (it's Good Friday, so Neil would be home). She phones me back at 6pm & says the gynecologist on call thinks i should come in tonight & she agrees. i told her Neil was out of town till late but i'd try to make arrangements... (i was getting kind of nervous looking after the littles & feeling the way i did. i had given Cai the emergency numbers to call just in case anything happened to me). So, i called some new friends we'd made at the church and they came over & took me to the hospital & left their daughters here to babysit for me. We had to wait once i was admitted because i had eaten. i finally got ahold of Neil before i got taken in for surgery. He said he'd come as fast as he could (he doesn't take his phone in business meetings... *sigh*).
i had good edifying company visiting with the friends who brought me to the hospital, but i just talked and smiled and tried to put on a good front to cover several things... (my embarrassment? my neediness? my sadness? ~ guess it's just really hard to let everything hang out in real life).
Finally at around 10:30? they wheeled me in for surgery... Neil still hadn't arrived & i was sure wishing he had.
So, i was lined up for surgery in my gurney behind an old man who was getting cataract surgery. (Kept claiming he hadn't signed any forms).
He had a thick german accent & the nurse helping him had a thick french accent. So she says "do you have all your own teeth?" & he says "feet??!" "no, your teeth".. "my feet??" "No, sir, your TEETH" (she says pointing to her own teeth... ummm, *editor's note* he has gauze covering his eyes....) "my own FEET???" (this goes on and on) ~ finally, my doctor arrives asks me, "where's your chart?" (how should i know?) He searches around for it & finds in on the german man's gurney. i say, "he probably wouldn't have been impressed" (the doctor howled).
Haha, now you'll say i'm punishing random men (those of you who thought i was punishing Neil in the ultrasound post), but i'm not. That really happened.
The doctor was really kind. Before the surgery when he came to talk to me i said, "i know this is routine to you..." & he goes, "but you're scared & you want me to be careful. i promise i will take care."
Anyway, i had never been 'knocked out' before... when i came to, i remember i was crying and asking to nurse the baby? i must have been confused. Maybe because childbirth has been my only experience with hospitals... maybe because i was aching so much ~ i don't know, but when i realized what i was saying, i cried even more & i was embarrassed... My throat was so sore i could hardly croak, but i wanted Neil... he hadn't arrived yet. i told the nurses i didn't want our friends to come see me. i just wanted to wait for neil. He finally arrived & they let me go around 12:30.
Today i'm home ~ & recovering. By the time i got to the hospital last night, i had a fever, so i know that this was the route i needed to take.
Gotta go.


Melissa said...

Oh, dear - I'm so sorry you still had to go through that nasty surgery. Although I did laugh at the german man's story with his feet and the gauze bandages and your chart being on his gurney...I love how you were able to find any available humor in a yucky situation. Good for you - keeping your chin up!

I remember being confused and *heart-hurting* after the surgery, too. Although I hadn't had any babies to term by that time, my arms still ached - I remember that Graeme brought me a teddy bear and I just cuddled it. I'm normally not a teddy-bear cuddler, but it gave me some sort of strange healing to cradle that bear... I remember Dr. Niemann being so understanding... I remember Dr. Marsh talking to me afterwards... and I remember the nurse telling me upon my discharge from the hospital that I couldn't have sex for a week! Strange, some of the things we remember... (you can edit that part out of the post if you want!) :) But we're all married, so I say anything goes!

I pray that your recovery will be a quick one - that there are no further complications - and that your heart, while forever bearing the scarred badges of this little one, will encourage others and bear strengthening fruit in your girls especially!

Love you - and I'm glad you got the card...


Jamie said...

I'm FINALLY catching up on your blog!! When I came to from my D&C I was also crying & my throat was killing me. I'm glad that it seemed to have helped.


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