Friday, April 20, 2007

These are my sweet acryllic paintings my lovelies made for me:) The blank one is for our two that went home early... i'm thinking of getting the littles to put fingerprints all over it. Haven't decided yet.

Here's one of my 8yo bookworm:) She just finished Little Women this week & started on Black Beauty


Melissa said...

How sweet!!

I love the fingerprint idea...hmmm...sweet!

Sounds like your home-schooling is going well - I hope it continues to grow you as well as your littles!

Jen said...

Aww... love the pics. I'm always so excited to read your posts. I like how we can stay connected. Miss you tho...loved the good ol' days.

Jen said...

Which e-mail do you use? Hmmm... You definately aren't on my blocked list! Did you try to reply to any e-mails I sent? I'll e-mail you from both of our accounts then try to reply to them.


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