Thursday, August 9, 2012

whale watching

My sister and i decided to fly out to Victoria to celebrate my mama's 60th birthday with her.  While we were out there, my mom treated us to a three hour whale watching tour... Would you believe we didn't see *one* whale? 
As we tore back to shore, jess turned to me... "Those whales only have to hold their breath for 15 more minutes."
And they did it too. 
And is that how 60 years pass? In three hour increments - tasting the salt spray on your lips and looking for something you might never see - but you know is there?  Laughing with those you love - feeling the rock of the waves beneath you and the sun drying the damp from your hair as you're carried deeper, farther from shore. 
Maybe.  Maybe it is...
Life is such a gift.  He's constantly showing me that... It's so dainty and frail - it's really so terribly brief and perplexing. i'm so grateful for each three hour window - taking me into the unknown and allowing me to grow. 

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't see any whales! Might have to go to the aquarium for that, eh?? Was wishing last summer that Alisdair and I could have gone on a whale watching trip (as there were so many boats offering the experience in the Victoria harbour) but maybe we would have come up short too.... Yes, life does go by very quickly. This summer seems to be flying by, too (but in 24 hr. increments). Your 3 hr. trip reminds me of Gilligan's Island.... lucky you all came back from your "3 hr. tour" -- unlike the crew of the S. S. Minnow!!!

Saskatchewan Cousin


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