Tuesday, August 21, 2012

marriage week

My friend Fawne over at Beauty in Weakness is blogging a week of marriage posts. She asked me to guest post today and so i wrote a little piece called, How to Fight With Your Husband.
You can check it out if you wanna :)
Neil has been on an epic business trip lately - so i emailed him a copy of it before i sent it to her. His response was, "I have tried several times to read it and my mind can't shut off long enough to read the whole thing. I'm sure it's really good. Make it happen."
i emailed him back, "You are the world's biggest slacker."
And then i sent him THIS picture off pinterest and asked if he had enough mental fortitude to follow it.
Then he started blocking my emails.
Just kidding - but i do miss that travelin' man... even if i am forced to fight with him on occasion...

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