Friday, August 31, 2012

7 quick takes

1. Today i wish that i was like a lot of moms that i know who are so excellent at home decorating and pinterest DIY ideas. Neil (who is much better at this than me) has decided that we're revamping our (very tiny) front office so that it is a better space for homeschooling. It always takes me a couple of weeks to warm up to ideas, but suddenly, i'm thrilled and excited and giddy. This year, we'll have 6 students - and one very fun two year old. When i think of reclaiming some space and using it right up, i get crazy excited... i hope it turns out! (AND i wish it was already finished since we're starting school on Tuesday :)

2. At the end of his 16 day trip, Neil emails me asking what home cooked meal he'll get for dinner when he gets home. He tells me he wants beef and broccoli.
Me: "Is 'dinner' lunch or supper?"
Him: "It's supper, crazy. I am very important now so I don't say supper."
Good to know.

3. Gage asked me this morning if when i die i will wait for him and meet him when he gets there. He told me that he is nervous to be dead, but wondered if maybe it would be fun once he gets there. i assured him that i would wait for him - and then he brightened and said that Grampsie will be there too. Death is such a strange thing to think about - for a four year - and for his mama too.

4. Gage also asked me if when Ephraim turns 15, we'll still call him Ephraim. i told him that since his name is Ephraim, i think we'll still call him that. He replied, "Oh. i just wondered if that was a nickname."

5. i've been so stretched (in every possible way) by 40 Days for Life. It has challenged me in the most interesting ways. It has made me incredibly uncomfortable - (asking other people to get involved makes me feel nauseous), praying on the sidewalk makes me feel conspicuous (for the first couple minutes), being a part of the leadership committee has forced me to learn skills that i don't have naturally. Thinking about abortion from every possible angle and trying to understand the perspectives of others - with compassion and humility has broken me. Being misunderstood and misrepresented has humbled me. Learning about prayer and fasting has begun the process of disciplining me.

6. i've been having a hard time writing lately. Everything comes out wrong. My heart feels strange and unfamiliar in my chest and it has been a bit of a wordless time. i miss being able to capture my blog posts in a quick 5 minutes on my computer. Most of the time now, i sit there for 30 minutes and still end up with a half written draft that i won't ever post. Maybe i took it for granted when i went through a couple of years of writing being so incredibly easy. i'm so glad i wrote so much and that i wrote my book... and i hope that i get that back soon.

7. Peyton spent some time with my mom this summer. When i went (with Cai and Sloan) to pick her up in Banff, my mom bought us all tickets to the Kruger Brothers concert. They were playing for the first time a piece (like a concerto with lots of pieces) called, "The Spirit of the Rockies" that was commissioned for the Banff Centre. Honestly - they are probably most famous for playing bluegrass - and i didn't really know what to expect at this concert. i was stunned by what i heard... How can the *banjo* be breathtaking? It was some of the most exquisite music i have ever heard live in my life; both the more traditional bluegrass that they played first (with their own unique flavour) - and the more classical piece they played second (with the strings, horns and timpani). i'm so glad i got to see that.


Mindy said...

Owen has been talking about death, too. Strange.

I hear you on the quieter times. Sometimes I just don't have anything to say. In a strange way I loved this post....

fawne said...

I miss your daily posts. Am I selfish to say....I hope you'll be back soon?!

paige said...

i miss it too fawne. :) i hope i'll be back soon too!


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