Friday, June 1, 2012


A friend told me this illustration...
A woman is walking along a beach... she is smelling the sea salt air - and drinking in the beauty of the rippling waves on the water's surface.  There's just the barest breeze - and she decides - on a whim - to take out her row boat - escaping the confines of land to explore the vastness of the ocean. 
Out she rows from shore - until the trees swaying on the land are mere specks.  She leans back to enjoy the warmth of the sun - stretching her muscles after her long row and settling in to enjoy the fruit of her labour. 
That's when she first hears the baby cry. 
She's shocked to see the tiny pink corner of a baby blanket under the wooden seat.  How could she not have noticed that there's a baby on her boat?  The baby's whimper turns into a cry and the woman - in stunned amazement - picks up the child to comfort it.  But what is she to do?  She had planned on staying out in the row boat.  She owns the boat, and the hours of sunlight are limited.  The child has no claim on her - or her boat. 
She didn't ask for this responsibility. 
The land is so far away that it takes her a few minutes to pick out the outline of the dock that she left hours ago now...
She realizes in that moment that though the child has no claim on her... she has a responsibility to the child.  Even though her muscles ache, she must return the child to shore before she can continue her trip.  The thought of tossing the child over the side of the boat doesn't even occur to her - and if someone suggested it to her... the idea would revolt her. 
She realizes that the location of the baby doesn't impact the value of it's life.
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Marcy P said...

Right on!! LOVE it!


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