Thursday, June 14, 2012

how to give a first hair cut

He begged me for a hair cut.
i had just trimmed a teeny bit off the fringes of Sloanie's mane and watching, he suddenly he felt like he was missing out. i have been under surveillance for months now, both my teens threatening bloodshed if i cut one hair from his dandelion fluff head. So, dutifully, i held the scissors upside down and let him hear the snip snip of the scissors as they cut harmlessly through the air while he smirked with a self-satisfied smirk in the mirror. 
Finally, i declared triumphantly, "DONE!!"
"Oh Ephraim!!" Sloanie gushed, "It's just awesome - what a handsome hair-do for a haandsome boy!!"
Ephraim grinned, pleased with himself, and ran to show his 4 year old hero Gage. Sloan warned Gage with thickly laid winks over baby brother's head, "Gage, don't you love Ephraim's hair cut?"
Barely glancing up, Gage replied, "Ephraim didn't get his hair cut."
"But Gage!" Sloan insisted with even more dramatic winks, "Yes he did, and it is soooooo handsome, don't you think?"
Then sunshine boy looked kindly at his little brother, softened his sweet little expression and winked imperceptibly at Sloan. "Oh, yes. You did get a hair cut Ephraim, and it makes you look like a ninja."
And Sampson lives to see another day...

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Melissa said...

Awww... way to go, Paige! :)


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