Friday, April 27, 2012

seven quick takes - 7 children style

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 160)

1. Radar's getting in more shifts at her new job.  It's strange putting little boys to bed & watching the clock for my big girl to get off work.  Motherhood is soul stretching. 

2.  Softie - at 13, you've grown taller than me, and your sweet softie nature swings in tempestuous little bursts of impatience, heartbreaking adoration for baby brothers and insightful hilarity behind every eyebrow cock brought on by endless inside jokes.  i can't tear my eyes off you - you're riveting. 

3. Sparkling eyes - i know you wanna run in the sun, frolick with friends and pretend that those exams aren't coming... does it help that i wanna do that too?  Your strengths are peeking at me behind those sparkling eyes - beyond what you see as the boredom of school books.  These years are short - learn with me, baby... then you can fly, k? 

4. Chew man - (working on a report about snakes), "Mom, i looked up fighting and all this page talks about is mating... and i'm positive that i don't want to write about mating."
"Well, hon, in the wild, lots of animals will fight *over* their mates..."
"Oh, well, that's ok then..."

5. Missy Moo - eight suits her. 

6.  Sunshine boy - He's awesome.  Need i say more?

7. Thunder - Honey boy, i'm sure proud of you for showing the dexterity and coordination required to learn how to open doors... but i have to admit, my heart sank just a tiny bit, knowing you can now escape to the great outdoors or barge in on my showers at will.


Joy said...

Love this!!

Jen said...

I like them all :)
'Thunder' have I heard that one before?! I'm guessing it's a good match for him ;)

Modest Mama said...

In a blink they are all grown up. How does that happen?!?

mamalena said...

OOO...each one is a treasure!!

Mindy said...

Brilliant! Oh, and my 2yo is turning into quite the escape artist, too..


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