Friday, April 13, 2012

7 quick takes - volume 9

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 162)

1. Cai is fretting about putting together her first resume.  "They'll only scan it for an average of 20 seconds.  i need to make it concise and still have it make an impression..."
From the kitchen Charter calls out, "Did you add your top ten movies?"
(ps - They hired her on the spot.  That's my girl.)

2. Neil is heading out to his office & Sloan is standing next to him, "Seeya later pig... or cow... or whatever you are..."
Sloanie looks at him, shocked, and i glance up at him from the couch, equally shocked... There's an awkward silence...
"Um, what's on your sweatshirt?"
"It's a giraffe, dad."
"Oh." (Starts laughing hysterically), "Are you always going to remember the special day when dad called you both a pig and a cow?"

3.  i think i've decided to never cut Ephraim's hair.  It can grow to his ankles for all i care... it's just too darn cute. 

4.  i have formed a bad habit in this hard year... & it's a habit of not choosing joy.  i'm giving myself a 30 day challenge to change that.  It's interesting to make an effort to steer my mind away from the mind numbing tough thoughts - even if it's just for a month - & choose joy.  i'm still trying to figure out how this all fits in with being authentic - but even if i end up faking it a bit for a month, maybe i'll be able to re-route some of these pathways in my brain that are leading me places i don't need to go.  (Day 14 & i think i've only had 2 tougher days... might be easier than i thought - maybe i'll have to extend it for an extra month... :) 

5.  So, i asked Neil to join me on my 30 day journey.  It's almost harder for him 'cause while i'm in some heart-pain... he's in physical pain most days.  He doesn't talk about it a lot, so i tend to not think about it a lot, but most mornings he can hardly stand up when he gets out of bed... pain doesn't naturally lead to joy, does it?  But it might make for an interesting month for us both. 

6.  After we decided to embark on a joy journey, we went for coffee.  We got Tim Horton's english toffees & then we went for a drive.  "Where're we going?" i ask. 
"We're going to look through a show home..." he answered. 
"This is the best day of my life."
He grins at me.
"i'm good at this game."
"You sure are." he smiles & i almost believe him.

7.  i can always pick out Cai's jeans immediately when i'm sorting the laundry.  Hers are the ones that are always still buttoned up :)  Scrawny 15 year olds are cute.


Anonymous said...

So where is Cai's new job??

Hope it is all and more than she wants it to be ... and some spending $$ in her pockets!

Saskatchewan Cousin.

Lesley said...

Congrats on Cai's new job! How exciting for her:-)

Choosing joy can be hard. I like the idea of going to a show home. Nothing makes me happier! That's why I love home improvement/real estate programs on get to nose around and get ideas and just drift into an alternate universe for a wee while.

Joy to you lovely Paige. It's there, even though it may be hard to find.


Carol said...

Enjoyed this upbeat post! Cai did well to get a job - perhaps she needs to help my boys with their resumes!

Marcy P said...

I love that you are trying a 30 day challenge to choose joy. It's tough, but as a fellow "sister" who regularily tries to choose joy, it does get easier. It almost becomes a reflex. Fake til you make it is not a bad adage as long as it's not a thing that is ALWAYS fake. Sometimes you can trick your mind into a more joyful state and sometimes you just need to process whatever is making you sad/reflective/angry etc.

By the way, I don't usually do these things, but I nominated you for a "Sunshine Award" on my blog. You can check out my post!/2012/04/sun-shining-on-my-face.html to see what it's about. You encourage me greatly, often.


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