Thursday, April 12, 2012

old enough

My tiniest girlie is turning eight. 
i have honestly been soaking in these last sweet days of seven... letting her climb on my lap more, opening my arms a little more instead of pushing her away because she's getting too long... too heavy. 
Fourth daughter, some things we've figured out by now.  One has been a tentative time line for girls who want glitter in their ear lobes & their eighth birthday is when they're "allowed" to get them pierced. 
Two out of the previous three got their ears pierced, the third says, "not now, not ever..." but little Molls, my fourth, is chomping at the bit to get this little rite of passage passed. 
i went to the store to find out about getting them done & checked out the little baubly earrings - birth stones, hello kitty, tiny metal balls...
"& remember," the friendly lady's voice chimed at me, "If she's under 16, we'll need the parent's photo identification & a signature on a waiver form!"
"Sure." i smiled as i left the store...
& then it occurred to me. 
This is the country we live in.  Where children 15 & under need parental photo identification and a signature on a legally binding document to get their child's ears pierced (not that i think this is a bad idea....)
But that these same little girls - minors in Canada - can go to an abortion clinic and require no parental notification to abort their tiny babies...
Something is off here. 
We don't trust a child with a decision to poke holes in their ears, but when it comes to an invasive surgery that will kill their offspring in the womb... (the grandchild of the parents who needed to sign a waiver for an ear piercing appointment)... we put the burden entirely on her delicate shoulders? 
& i know that it's a reminder to mamas (& daddies)... know your child...
But i know too, the shame that hits when your pregnancy is unplanned.  i know the voices that come out of the woodwork to counsel death.  i know... that i know... that i know... that many, many, many little lives have been lost because an abortion seemed like an easier option than telling the truth to parents who would be disappointed.
i've said it before, but it hit me again: Canada's stance on abortion is extreme & nothing will change it until our hearts are softened...
Our daughters are being raised in a Canada that sees life as disposable.  They're being raised in a Canada that gives no rights to the unborn - at any stage of pregnancy.  Our daughters are being saturated in a culture that tells them that they have the right to end the life of another living human being... if that human being is unwanted.  & they're also being raised in a Canada that is ever shifting to a culture of death - embracing euthanasia, and allowing those among us who are weak... to come to see their lives as lives without value. 
It's up to us as parents to talk back to culture, to raise them to see Truth, and to love God.
Change our hearts, Father.
& dear missy moo:
i love you.  i'm sorry for such a somber birthday post.  Maybe i will do better before your big day, but if not - know that your mama cares so deeply about the tiny woman that you are growing into.  i praise God for His faithfulness in raising you to be such a fabulous little lady.  You are a precious jewel. 

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