Thursday, February 10, 2011

ready or not

neither neil nor i were homeschooled as children - nor did we pay much attention to homeschoolers until very suddenly we became homeschooling parents. It was like homeschooling came to us - rather than us looking for it... as the best option for our little brood.
And so - sometimes i find myself muddling through very unfamiliar waters as i homeschool 5 different grade levels - while juggling the needs of two very busy little boys.
"Are you nervous for highschool?"
She asked me with her serious slate blue eyes. She hardly looks like a highschooler - her fresh scrubbed face free of make up - her tiny body folded in a chair in the dining room... and yet... our plans for grade 10 are beginning to take form, and nervous or not... highschool is right around the corner.
i don't know if i'm nervous - or excited... i do feel an unwavering peace that homeschool has been without a doubt the right choice for this child - for our family - for these years... but even amidst that peace there is the self doubt that prompts questions like, "Will she be ready to take on the world?"
That's when i have to take a step back...
Oh Father - her heart is Yours. Percentages, pre-requisites, transcripts, credit courses... all this? It's merely dust. The work ethic that drives her, the honesty and integrity that holds her and her love for her Father that makes her who she is... These are the parts of her education that are going to last.
So highschool, come. Come and my little girl will be ready to meet you. i'll watch her navigate new waters - untangle the threads from which she will weave her future and take on whatever comes next.
Ready or not... here she comes.

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mamalena said...

Isn't it amazing to think about....but HA....I don't know why you would be nervous when you have such a self-motivated student. Bravo Home/High Schoolers!!


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