Monday, February 14, 2011

point form

i know - it's not usual for me to blog in point form, but i can't help myself today...
* ephraim is officially one. He's doubly sweet - & still won't walk.
* today is valentines day... & all the little hearts & lovey decor remind me of the music softly playing as i was told my baby's heart had stopped beating... oh the years that have passed, little one.
* i'm almost done my book... as in, i'm days away. The cover is in it's final stages & the little details are all coming together. i can't wait to share it with you.
* i'm completely overcome with my inadequacy. i wish that creating things didn't make me feel so completely exposed and vulnerable - but my big sister told me to soldier on - & finish well - & so i'm trying my best to write for my Audience of One.
* My inlaws are here for Ephraim's birthday & they're taking us out for lunch today. i plan on eating big... huge.
* i cried last night 'cause i'm a girl - & i can't help myself.


Carol said...

That is exciting about your book! Good for you - you know you inspired me last November, and I went to work on a story/photo book that I had been "thinking" about for a long time. I thought if you can write a whole novel, with 7 children at home, surely I can get this project done with only 1 child left at home. I finished it and sent copies to family members. I was so pleased with the outcome and it was a great feeling of accomplishment.
Enjoy your lunch out and Happy Birthday to Ephraim!

Lori-Dawn said...

hee hee, I loved the part, I cried last night 'cause I'm a girl & can't help myself. You are such a sweetie Paige! Can't wait to read your book!! Hugs to you on this bittersweet day. Enjoy indulging! lol

Treasured Grace said...

I cannot wait to read your book!! So exciting.
Happy Birthday Ephraim xoxo

Lesley said...

I am so looking forward to your book. I have unpublished children's books on my desktop that I have written and then left. You captured my feeling exactly when you said that creating something makes you feel exposed and vulnerable. Wow! Sometimes you say just what I am thinking.


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