Thursday, February 24, 2011

impassioned pleas... & no nonsense replies

i found a note written by Mollen... my daughter.
The letters were large, and penned in red. i could read the emotion in her tiny diva heart as i read her tragic note:
Deer Peyton,
I hav to move. It is my onle coes (choice). Do you car? Do you hav a ansr?
Followed by a box marked "yes" and a box marked "no" with the saddest sad face ever in between them.
Peyton... neil's daughter, had responded.
The Yes was checked and the No was x'd, and underneath in tidy blue ink were the words, "don't be stuped".
the end


Lisa said...

LOL! That made me laugh!! Poor Molls.

Carol said...

You will have to keep that note for sure!

farm_girl_4_jesus said...

Oh, that's so funny...Did Mollen want to move out of her bedroom?

Lori-Dawn said... that one to warn her future husband of dramatics...hee hee

Mindy said...

That is so great! Classic.

Rochelle said...

This kills me...Mollen is a riot!


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