Monday, February 21, 2011


The free proof copy of my book is in the mail.
The more i think about it (& it's not even in my hands yet), the more certain i feel that there are some minor changes that i'll have to make before it'll be ready. i'm trying to make a list of things in my head that i might need to or want to change...
i suppose creative things are always like that - could be improved upon, made clearer, better, stronger. At some point i'll just have to let go & trust that the (worthwhile) message will overcome the obstacles of my mistakes & oversights.
i hope having the proof in my hands to look over will be helpful in determining the worth of any possible changes.
i had an idea the other morning... for a sequel.
i'm excited to have some feedback to see if it's a story worth continuing... there are so many more angles to explore.


Vanessa said...

Oooh!! Lots of excitement!! Both about the proof on it's way and your idea for a sequel!! So hope the changes you want to make don't take too long-hoping you'll be ready to share your "baby" in it's entirety with us soon!!

kali said...

Yay for creativity and the fortitude to get it out! I'm really looking forward to reading and proudly sharing it. (And thanks for the RSS subscription option- now you're on my google homepage which helps me organize my brain...)


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