Friday, December 10, 2010

The Phone Rings...

i'm vacuuming - and breathless - i hear the crackle of his cell phone on the other end of the line.
"Hey, did you call? i didn't have reception, i was going through the mountains. These roads are awful..."
"Yeh, that was me..." running upstairs to get to our room and shut the door...
"Hey neil? i wanted to tell you something really important..."
"Oh? What's up?"
"Thank you for not leaving me."
"What? i leave you every week - i'm constantly leaving, what do you mean, 'thanks for not leaving?'"
"You leave, but you still love me. You are away - but i know you're coming home. Some husbands go - and leave their wives and stop loving them. i'm glad you don't. Thank you for not leaving me, because i love you so much, and i like being your wife."
"Oh. Well then, thanks for not leaving me either."
"You're welcome."
"You're funny."
"See you in 2 hours. Drive safe."


Lori-Dawn said...

I love that you don't take things for granted Paige!! oh and in response to your comment about prego, not yet. But hopefully soon...working on getting good and healthy and am feeling better!
Anyhow, I think this is a good idea, to just phone our men up and tell them something we appreciate...something big that most of us take for granted, like their faithfulness!!!

Lisa said...

agree totally! Our employee just had his wife walk away from their marriage of 18 years, and an 11 year old daughter, because she's bored :( I am so thankful for the husband I have, and the marriage I have.

Mandy said...

I need to do this more! Travis doesn't travel as much as Neil does but I need to let him know how I appreciate his faithfullness especially when he is on the road!
To answer Neil's question, Travis manages the retail division for a grain company here in Southern MB. Trade shows and customer visits take him away once or twice per month. What does Neil do?

Alisdair said...

Yup... those phone calls... when John is on the road he phones a few times a day -- I guess just to hear the sound of my voice. Some days I feel like turning the mike phone off because I get frustrated with the interuptions for no reason at times -- but it is good to know you are loved and they want to talk to you and let you know when they'll be home etc. It's not so hard doing it alone when they are only a phone call away....

Saskatchewan Cousin


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