Wednesday, December 1, 2010

and then she said...

To my very pregnant friend:
"When you have your new baby, don't bring it here."

We all look at Mollen questioningly.
"If you do, Gagey will injure it."

*sigh* the sad hard truth.

But if she's brave enough to bring the tiny fresh whisp of life to my house, i will wrangle my boys and ward off my girlies....
and i will sigh with wonder over the tiny grasping fingers, and the perfect o shaped mouth.
i will make sure that there isn't quite so much naughtiness -
so there is no fear of injury.


fawne said...

i have a very strong feeling that your "friend" will most definitely be delighted to bring her baby to your house. and i'm quite, quite sure she's not in the least worried about your precious group of littles.

Lisa said...

i love that girl!


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