Tuesday, December 21, 2010

half way to nowhere...

i always feel like Christmas break is halfway to the end of our year - even though it's not.
Right now, i find myself trying to sprint to some imagined halfway mark.
& i know in my heart - that even if we meet these goals, and tic each item accomplished off our list... and tell ourselves that we're half way - we're not halfway to anywhere worth getting.
i need to remind myself that learning isn't measured in pages filled out.
The winding road we're travelling on isn't marked with road signs reading, "half way to intelligent" - or "quarter of the way to average grade five scores..."
We're engaged in a marathon - not a sprint - and it's nowhere near over yet.
The winding road we've started on is the same one we'll be travelling decades from now... the road that will feed our curiosity, ignite the fires of our passions and become the vehicle that takes us where we need to go...
And so i'll take solace in the fact that it's not time to gauge successes or failures - it's time to persevere, take courage in our Christmas intermission - and invite the second half of the year to bring more knowledge than the first...


Jen said...

Yay for Christmas holidays!!!
Have fun!

Alisdair said...

I'm counting chapters to the end of the big library book read aloud!!!! Yes, it does seem like something great should be accomplished by Christmas and I am flogging myself saying we should have done more with school thus far.... but I think we've learned alot about how homeschool works and maybe after Christmas we can hit it harder or in a more organized fashion.... and maybe we can even do a few schoolish things over the holidays!!!

Saskatchewan Cousin


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