Monday, December 13, 2010

it's monday...

so, we're back at the daily grind...
My mind has been working overtime for a couple of weeks now - and even so - it seems unable to come to any palpable conclusions.
There are all these threads of thoughts - that i'm sure are all a part of the same piece of cloth - and yet they're all separated and tangled. i can't help but think that if i could get them all woven where they belong, there is so much more that i'd be able to understand.
i wish... that there wasn't such a shroud of silence around the things that Christians don't understand... i wish that we'd talk - really dig in - without fear of rejection, or worse, casual dismissal.
So, since i find myself unable... i will name some of the threads that have wound themselves around my thoughts... so you can see that i'm not trying to be secretive... i'm just *unable* - and it makes me feel lonely.

birth control
men... and women...

Father - meet with me.
Hold me in my loneliness - and love me in my unloveliness.
Untangle the threads - and weave the cloth...
Show me what you value - and teach me to be more like You...


Lori-Dawn said...

Paige I love your thoughts! I too wish we could talk about the issues that bug us and look to Scripture and figure out what it says and what we should do about it! I would love to get together if you ever have a get together just to TALK about said issues!!! There's no need to be lonely...let's be intentional and fill that need! I'd invite you all here, but doubt you'd want to travel that far...LOL Hugs!!!

mamalena said... least we have (more or less) stopped burning people at the stake! I guess that's progress...but wouldn't it be nice to have respectful dialog rather than being bullied into whatever is the current acceptable group-think?....wouldn't it?...


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