Wednesday, August 22, 2007

i had my second doctors appointment today (a little early 'cause Neil & i will be out of town next week for a bit). The littles all came with me 'cause Neil was in Red Deer today & they all wanted to hear the heartbeat. The waiting room was so crowded & it was a big wait & this older lady came up behind me & said, "those are some of the best behaved children i've ever seen. You are to be commended because you are obviously doing a very good job." i felt like crying! It was so nice to be encouraged like that. What a sweet lady.
So, the littles did get to hear that beautiful beating heart. It was around 143-151 ~ so not low, but not as high as some of my girls :) (here i am wondering about old wives tales... will we have a little boy or a little girl come February?? Ever heard of a more win win situation???) i think the only person who really has a distinct opinion on the baby's gender is Charter. He's dying for a brother. Peyton's hoping for a boy, for Charter's sake, but i *know know know* as soon as that little sibling is in their arms, pink or blue won't matter one speck & we'll all be in love.
Gotta go. 's bed time.

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Vanessa said...

Well, I know Jesse insisted that we were having a boy when I was pregnant with Wyatt. We couldn't tell from the U/S, but even when we teasingly asked him what he was going to call his sister, he'd glare at us and say "NO! Boy!"
And then we asked him what my SIL was having and he said "girl, like 'Nanna (Savannah-my neice)" And, two months ago, they had a baby girl!! I think sometimes these lil guys have an extra sense!!
Anyways, so glad to read about hearing that lil heartbeat-that is the most glorious sound ever, esp for a fearful Mom!


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