Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oh my!! i am the most proudest mommy in the whole world today! My 3 big girls competed in a triathlon on Saturday (kids of steel). It was amazing to watch them "train" over the past few months & then compete. My 7yo came in first place out of 24? girls in her age category! Sloanie & Cai both did amazingly well too, & came in 4th & 7th in their age categories. They didn't seem too bagged after (even considering they were up at 5:45 to get there in time for the registration & body marking etc....) i was on the verge of tears all day watching them swim, bike & run with amazing attitudes. There was not one word of complaint & after it was over they each *thanked* me profusely for putting them in the event. Sloanie said it was the "most fun thing she'd ever done". The most challenging thing *for sure* was that they hadn't trained in a lake ~ they had trained in a pool & open water is just so different. Especially for Cai as her distance was longer.
My friend Melissa did a "count your blessings" post on her blog... i thought, what a good idea, so here goes (her blog is musings of the heart)... i don't have much time, so i'm gonna have to make my blessings brief ~
1.) a loving Father in heaven who i know will do what is Good & right.
2.) my husband ~ who loves me and my quirks.
3.) children who grow me, and push me closer to #'s 1&2 on this list ~ & who sometimes make me so proud:)
4.) that heaven is a real place ~ & i get to go there & be with the ones i love when this life is over.
5.) that this little baby growing in me has given me so much joy ~ starting to feel little thumps and kicks ~ so amazing God's handiwork.
6.) this house that holds us & shelters us.
7.) a vehicle to drive.
8.) food to eat & an enjoyment of cooking & feeding a family.
9.) that Neil is home so much more with this job.
10.) the opportunity to homeschool & be with my children & teach them. (How fun is it that they're getting to an age where we can play music together? This week, we had a little trio with Cai on mandolin, Sloanie on fiddle & me on piano :) It's getting to be so fun!
Neil's begging me to get off the computer. He's hosting a wrestling match between Molls & Charter & all i can hear is him laughing & laughing at how feisty Molls is. i think she managed to impress her dad.

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Jamie said...

Wow, that is amazing! Congrats to your girls!!!


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