Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It's Neil's 30th birthday today... i feel so bad 'cause he's away on a business trip & i haven't been able to get ahold of him to even say, 'happy birthday'.
Neil's such a good man. i've often felt that because *he* 'gets' me, it doesn't hurt so bad when other people don't. He always gives good advice & challenges me to think harder. He has such a soft heart for the handicapped and the elderly. He has a way about him, that makes him comfortable to be around. He acknowledges when he makes a bad choice & doesn't make excuses for himeself ~ instead, he's hard on himself & his honesty is refreshing & comforting. He's always had an amazing work ethic & has worked so hard to support a family since we were married when he was only 18. Helping me out around the house has never been 'beneath' him. He's always been willing to carry more than his share of the weight. (Except in golf season ~ Ha!!) Neil makes things fun for me & the littles ~ he always plans little adventures for us & keeps the time between our visits to family short.
i feel so lucky to be married to this man.
He seems to know intuitively when one of our little ones needs more of him ~ & in the past year & a half has made every effort to carve out more & more time for his growing brood :) i love the way he fathers his children.
i think Neil's changed a lot in the past several years. i love seeing teeny greys come & go just at his temples & knowing that when he's all grey, he'll still be mine:) i can't wait to see what these next years will bring.

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