Friday, March 23, 2012

attention, Ken Hamilton

You don't know me... but i hear your name at least once a day.  You see, someone thinks that our number is the number that should be used to reach you... and they refuse to be thwarted by the fact that the wrong pesky people keep picking up.  Conversations go something like this;
ring ring...
"Hello, Ken."
"Um, this isn't Ken," (says my 15 year old daughter), "i think you have the wrong number."
"Are you sure this isn't Ken?  Ken... Hamilton?"
"Pretty sure."
"Oh.  Alright then..."
(next day)
ring ring...
"Hello, is this Ken?  Ken... Hamilton?"
"No.  Sorry.  i think you have the wrong number."
"Oh, i will call back later then."
"Um, but it's the wrong number..."
(next day)
ring ring...
"Hello.  Looking for Ken?"
"Why yes.  Is he available?"
"This isn't Ken's house.  He'll never be available here because he doesn't live here.  Phoning back to the same wrong number and expecting a different outcome is the very definition of insanity."
"I'll call back later then.  Thank you."

Ok... so i made that last one up... but seriously - it has been months of Ken Hamilton's bff trying to get ahold of him here.  Ken, if you're reading - give your buddy a call. 


Marcy P said...

Can't help but laugh!

Lesley said...
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Lesley said...

Now, if one day a man shows up at your door and says..."good evening, my name is Ken Hamilton, have I had any calls?" That would be cool...

Melissa said...

You should go onto Facebook and find all the Ken Hamiltons you can... message every single one of them with the caller's information... tell every one of them to call this doofus and say, "Hi, this is Ken Hamilton, I have been told you're looking for me?"

ken hamilton said...

I'm ken Hamilton. 4232271918


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