Friday, March 16, 2012

7 quick takes - volume 8

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 162)

1.  Woaaahhhhh - all this craziness with the education act in Alberta is a little overwhelming.  If you want a glimpse into the current leadership of our province, take a look at THIS article.  i have been tweeting with the minister of education - (who is so dismissive of the concerns that parents have regarding co-parenting with the government).  (You can follow me at @neillvspaige). We're running out of time.  If this concerns you (i don't care where you live) - there is a call to action HERE.  Honestly?  i haven't been all that interested in provincial politics since... ever... but when they start coming between a mama bear & her cubs, they're going to run into trouble. 

2.  My poor exhausted man.  i miss him.  That's all. 

3.  i'm playing for 2 of Cai's gigs this week.  Um... i didn't realize how *awesome* her group is.  Honestly - if you're organizing any kind of a function in the Calgary area, & need fabulous entertainment, you've got to contact the Bow Valley Fiddlers (or the Calgary fiddlers).  i did ok... barely keeping up - (they FLY through those tunes!) - but my girl?  MY girl?  She's got a grin on her face and a flush in her cheeks.  Kind of amazes me how good she's getting. 

4.  Did i just whine about politics in my #1 spot?  That's too bad, i'll make up for it by cheering for a political hero in my #4 spot.  Here in Canada, there is *no* legal protection for the unborn (until the baby has fully emerged alive from the mother).   Our Prime Minister has stated again and again that he's unwilling to re-open the abortion debate & doesn't want to change the status quo of abortion in Canada (currently  - no laws - no legal restrictions, tax payer funded and no parental notification in the case of minors).  Finally, a politician has stepped forward & said, "Hey, can we at least discuss what a 'fetus' is?  Is this a person?  Is there any new scientific information that we've gathered in the past 400 years since the definition we use was put into practice?"  His name is Stephen Woodworth & if you want to read about his motion, you can do so HERE. 

5.  i'm not posting here as much lately because i have a lot of funny things on my mind that i'm working through.  A teeny desert to pass through, so to speak.  But - if you miss me, i'm blogging like crazy over HERE. & it's totally a labour of love 'cause i'm running on empty these days.  Tomorrow, (Saturday) - i will post my favourite day from this spring's vigil... it happened this past Wednesday.  You should come back & check it out :) 

6.  There's a lady from my church who i asked to pray for me during the 40 Days... A few people had offered to pray for me & so i sent them my requests 'cause if people are gonna pray, *i accept*.  Anyway - this lady is someone who i approached & asked her if she would please pray for me.  She said yes.  Since the 40 Days began, she sends me texts every couple of days - with a scripture that she's picked out, a blessing for my children, an encouragement to press on in motherhood, a prayer of protection over my passion for the unborn, a prayer for me and my man - to grow in God so that we can grow also in our marriage.  i'm crying as i type this... Her prayers have been like warm rain.  i know that God has been hearing her prayers for me - & i feel His gentle protection & i can't explain how grateful i feel for her consistent obedience to Him. 

7.  i started this post thinking i didn't have very much to say... apparently i was wrong.  As i type this, my littlest boy is snuggled into the bed at my side.  Mollen just told me that she's only pages away from the end of her current chapter book and Gage has snuggled into her bed - rather than feeling lonely in his own tiny spot.  The big girls made me popcorn & it's sitting in the hallway since they didn't want to bring it to me when the boys were still awake.  Our day is winding to it's close.  i grabbed a few yawning sentences from my man on the phone from Toronto before he had to go finish up work for the night as he's got another early day tomorrow...
This life is so full.  It's so full of sweetness, sorrow - the give & take that comes with every breath of life.  i'm so grateful to be here... now...


lola said...

Oh wow, co-parenting. Haha. They must be kidding right. The government actually thinks that they have any right to make decisions about how I school my children? But then again, I'm a bit of a freedom fighter :) I take my citizenship test soon so I guess I better study the Canadian constitution to make sure we actually are free. And then... I CAN VOTE!

ps. When will I EVER learn to NOT read the comments at the end of those articles. I get so riled up:)

paige said...

It's kind of scary, Lola. i know that likely there wouldn't be very many immediate implications, but it sure opens the door for all kinds of trouble. There have been many times in history where the state has tried to separate children from the influence of their parents - & it's never good.

paige said...

ps - i read the comments too. :) haha... but then i have to make myself stop 'cause life is just too short. ;)

Anonymous said...

You're doing a good thing with 40 Days for Life, Paige. The message needs to get "out there" more... Lady on Dr. Phil show earlier in the week - had undergone 4 abortions. She only admitted to three of them, however. First one was because drs. diagnosed baby with severe spina bifida. Rest were because husband said she could do whatever she wanted but if she kept the baby(ies) he wouldn't be in the picture. And she was afraid so went through with procedures and now has been so traumatized by the abortions that she has "blocked the last one out completely." Lord have mercy! When we don't travel in those circles we don't know how many hurting people are among us. I couldn't get my head around what she was going through ... and was shocked to hear her admissions on TV, but probably they aren't unique to just one situation.

Saskatchewan Cousin

Carol said...

I live in Kitchener, Ontario and Stephen Woodworth is our member of parliament. I was talking with him just this past fall. Even if small steps can be made in the right direction it will be good progress. There are certainly lots of letters to the editor in our local paper about his "motion"


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