Monday, March 5, 2012

and then he comes home...

The days away fly by - & i still miss him like crazy, but i am the wife to the travelling man & i flex tiny muscles and try to be mama & papa both while he's gone. 
In a sudden burst of loneliness one morning as i climb out of the shower, i grab the bar of soap and write love messages all over the door of the shower.  Unsatisfied, as i'm brushing my teeth, i add some on the mirror with my thumb, and then thoughtfully turn to the medicine cabinet to decide what to inscribe on it's fading steam. 
He came home - just like i knew he would & expected him to.  He came home, just like was planned & without pomp & fanfare...
i woke up one morning & he had crept in to the bed beside me... i glanced over the white puff of Ephraim's hair that rises up between us & i see the broadness of his back & the gentle rhythm of his breathing & i sigh with enormous satisfaction. 
Later on, he comes out of the shower. 
"Babe, i cleaned that shower for you.  It was gross - there was soap everywhere."
i start laughing hysterically. 
"Didn't you read any of it?  It's my HEARTBEAT of LOVE for you!!"
"Um, no.  i didn't read it.  It was a mess and some of us like to shower in a clean bathroom.  i had to windex the mirror too."
"Thank you honey."  i laugh. 
"What's so funny?" he demands... and i think he is maybe dissatisfied with my level of gratitude for his sweet act of service.
"Nothing.  i just like us, that's all."
'Cause he's home.  i can whisper my messages into his ears at night.  i can watch for his truck to pull up in the evenings.  i can scrub the bathroom to show my affection... i'm not limited to a bar of soap and a steamy surface... no... my love's home. 


Marcy said...

Hilarious and beautiful! Glad he's home!

Sara L said...

Oh my word, this made me laugh out loud!!!!!!!!!!!! This would totally happen in my home too...
My hubby's been gone most of the time since Jan, mostly home on the weekends thankfully though.
I find I tend to get mad at him after a while though... Like "Hey, I had a crappy day and you weren't home, and you ate out today while we ate beans because I couldn't seem to get a meal together!" I need to learn to write more love letters with soap... :)

stephanie said...

Oh my! I've so done that too! Doug doesn't like a *dirty* shower either so he cleans my notes all up!


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