Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers day...

How lucky am i??

Funny (& horribly embarassing) story... We went to the seniors center for the mothers day service (my littles sang & brought their fiddles to play) & all the little old ladies were *in love* with Gage (3mos) & he was cooing & smiling at them & being an absolute angel, & they were all telling me how lucky i am & i said, "yes, i'm RICH!" & my son pipes up, "uh, no, dad says we're POOR" (hahaaaa, Neil said that after grocery shopping last week) & my 4yodd adds, "YEAH, that's why all we get to eat is MACARONI" OH.... MY..... GOODNESS!!!!! i almost died.... i had no idea how to recover & i was laughing soooo hard... One lady saved me & said, "yes, but your mom is rich 'cause she has all of YOU!" but i felt like an idiot :) Silly stinkers!! (we make them have macaroni every Saturday so it's easy for swimming... maybe that's where that came from.....) i've been a very good cook lately!

Anyway, i've had the best best best day.... My husband has been so good to me (& my children too, but i know he's the one modelling...) They got me a new journal & the sweetest mug that they decorated... even included my angel babies in the picture on it. We went for a family walk/rollerblade today & i'm feeling very blessed today.

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